“Death Made Its Offer” by October Bird Of Death

October Bird Of Death
Death Made Its Offer
Release Date: March 13, 2017
Label: ZAP Records
Catalog #: ZAP-022


01. This Is Our Lives
02. Goons
03. Uproar
04. Fire In Those Eyes
05. Shed The Grave
06. Art Deco Skull Fracture
07. Hell To Pay
08. Death Made Its Offer

Release Text:
“October Bird of Death is full tilt Chicago punk rock. A sound grounded in old school punk but with modern twists and turns. The vocals are passionate and raw, grinding and soaring. Singing and shouting in equal turns with lyrics that reflect the blissful highs and crushing lows of lives lived on the margins. Lives struggling to remain true. It is their lives and it is bleeding through on every track…” – ZAP Records

Wiley Willis: Vox
Sid Duffour: Guitar
Darren Davick: Guitar
Kurt Lynett: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drums

Recorded and mixed April 2016 – December 2016 by: Bryan Gray at Library Studios, Chicago, IL.
Mastered by: Sef Idle at Simpul Studio
Artwork by: Eugen Poe at Dead Inside Graphics
Released on ZAP Records
Guest Vox: Kyle Bawinkel of Brick Assassin on Goons

“The Advocates” by The Advocates

The Advocates
The Advocates
Release Date: May 13, 2015
Label: Not On Label
Catalog #: none


01. Game (ft. Quinn Johnson)
02. Oh, I Know
03. Miss Understood
04. Squeeze
05. Exposed
06. Good Weather
07. Interlude
08. Fall Out (ft. Billy Niebuhr)
09. The Guy
10. I Don’t
11. Moving On
12. Youth

Release Text:
A physical reminder of that band you once heard in college a few times.

The Advocates:
Austin Fredrich: Vocals & Guitar
Trevor Sattler: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drums

Additional Instruments:
Sam Allen: Keys And Auxiliary Percussion
Quinn Johnston: Tenor Saxophone
Joel Burroughs: Trombone
Billy Niebuhr: Guest Vocals

Produced by Sam Allen and Austin Fredrich
Tracked by Sam Allen and Austin Fredrich
Mixed By Austin Fredrich
(Songs 1 & 4 Mixed by Sam Allen)
Mastering by Luke Schoenhals

Photos by Sam Allen
Design by Joe Kam

“We Do Origami” by The Advocates

The Advocates
We Do Origami
Release Date: May 23, 2013


01. Youth
02. Nothing At All
03. This Guy
04. I Don’t (Demo)
05. One War, Two Casualties (Demo)
06. Miss Understood (Demo)
07. Youth (Studio Video)

Release Text:
“We Do Origami, the Advocates first studio EP, came together almost immediately after Trevor, Zach, and Austin first came together as a band. Mixed and Produced by Zach Bridier, We Do Origami features songs about such grandiose subjects as being young, an abusive relationship, and a girlfriend thief. The special edition of We Do Origami includes three more songs and a free download of the studio music video.”

Guitar & Vocals: Austin Fredrich
Bass Guitar: Trevor Sattler
Drums: Zach Bridier

Produced and Mixed by Zach Bridier
Mastered by Alan Robbs

Moral Support: Alex Green

“Fountain Of Youth In Asia” by The Sweet Sweet Revenge

The Sweet Sweet Revenge
Fountain Of Youth In Asia
Release Date: November 27, 2012
Label: Not On Label
Catalog #: none


01. I Never Liked Your Hair
02. Hipster Hallway
03. Mikey
04. Personal Thoughts…
05. Size 10
06. Buy A Shirt
07. Pirates vs Ninjas
08. 21 Years In The Making
09. Take It Back
10. My High School Troubles Last Tuesday Before Lunch
11. The Methodist Way

The Sweet Sweet Revenge are:
John Alden Davis: Vocals, Bass
Zach Stanbery: Guitar
Sarah Stanbery: Guitar
Wes O’Dell: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drums, Vocals, Synths

The Sweet Sweet Gang are:
John Alden Davis, Zach Stanbery, Sarah Stanbery, Wes O’Dell, Matthew Harper, Kyle P. McFarland, Tyler Allison, Caleb “Hoss” Dossett, Elizabeth Short, Brian Gertler, Evan Woodard, Caleb, Wolz, Brandon Townsend, Cameron Barrett, Colin Ahlvers, Amanda Herr, & Kiah Kelsen

Produced by: Rob Shollenberger & The Sweet Sweet Revenge
Mixed & Mastered by: Rob Shollenberger

Artwork by: Zach Bridier
Live photos taken by: Carrie Sleme, Britney Baker, Lisa Burhanna, Elizabeth Short, Crystal Belwood, Britney Benson, Mike Porter, Kiah Kelsen, & Kevin Dunne

“Buy a Shirt” is performed by Kiah Kelsen

All songs written by The Sweet Sweet Revenge

© 2012 The Sweet Sweet Revenge. All Rights Reserved.

“Hipster Hallway (Single)” by The Sweet Sweet Revenge

The Sweet Sweet Revenge
Hipster Hallway (Single)
Release Date: April 13, 2011


01. Hipster Hallway

Release Text:
The Sweet Sweet Revenge will be releasing their first single, “Hipster Hallway” on April 13, 2011. In celebration of this, we will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt! Meet on Scott Field at 4:30. The Easter eggs will be hidden all across campus. Good Luck! and don’t forget to download our single that day! We will post a link soon!

If you can’t make it to the physical event, you can still download “Hipster Hallway” for free from the comfort of your home!

John Alden Davis: Vocals, Bass
Zach Stanbery: Guitar
Sarah Stanbery: Guitar
Zach Bridier: Drums