2Minute Minor
Stand For Something Or Fall For Anything

Release Date

Coffee & Hardcore Records

01 – Choke On The Blood – Featuring Eddie Leeway
02 – Mental Break
03 – No Dependencies – Featuring Adam of The Kreutzer Sonata
04 – You Don’t Always Die From Tobacco*
05 – Setting Us Back – Featuring Wynn of StrikeFirst
06 – Workin’ For A Livin’**

Release Text:
2Minute Minor, “Stand For Something Or Fall For Anything”, is our newest release brought to you by Coffee & Hardcore Records.

2Minute Minor is:
Wiley Willis – Vocals
Bob Shields – Guitar
Jeff Hostetler – Guitar/Bass
Brad Swanson – Drums
Adam Nolan – Bass on Choke on the Blood & Mental Break.
Zach Bridier – Drums on Workin for a Livin.
Marko Karacic – Guitar on Workin for a Livin.

All music written and performed by 2Minute Minor
* written by Larry the Cowboy from the 1998 Truth* Commercial
** written by Huey Lewis and the News

All music recorded by Jeff Hostetler at Red Obsidian studio in Kalamazoo MI
All gang vocals recorded by Zach Bridier at Belly Acres in Chicago IL
Mix and Mastered by Zach Bridier.
No Dependencies guitar track written by Michael Perlmutter.

Guest vocals:
Choke on the Blood – Featuring Eddie Sutton of Leeway
No Dependencies – Featuring Adam Kreutzer of the Kreutzer Sonata
Setting Us Back – Featuring Wynn Pettitt of StrikeFirst, Fatskins, and Antagonizers ATL.

Gang Vocals:
Marko Karacic, Tom Piotrowski, Michael Perlmutter, Adam Kreutzer, and Stephen DeFalco.

Illustration by Eugen Poe at Dead Inside Graphics

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