2Minute Minor
My Side of the Story (Single)

Release Date

Coffee & Hardcore Records

01 – My Side Of The Story

Release Text:
From our upcoming release, A Goon’s Best Friend Till The Very End, available on 6/4/2021

All music written and performed by 2Minute Minor.

Wiley Willis: Vocals
Bob Shields: Guitar
Marko Karacic: Guitar
Jeff Hostetler: Guitar/Bass
Zach Bridier: Drums

All music recorded by Jeff Hostetler at Red Obsidian studio in Kalamazoo MI.
All gang vocals recorded by Zach Bridier at Belly Acres in Chicago IL
Mix and Digitally Mastered by Zach Bridier.
Mastered for Vinyl: Joshua Gablin

Added gang vocals by Tom Piotrowski, Michael Perlmutter, Adam Kreutzer, and Stephen DeFalco.

Front cover album art work by Martin Dunn.
Design and Layout by Jeff Hultgren.

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