2Minute Minor
Back In Our Day

Release Date

Coffee & Hardcore Records

01 – Duck Tales
02 – Veggie Tales
03 – Thundercats
04 – The Jeffersons
05 – Toxic Crusaders
06 – The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
07 – Arthur
08 – Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood
09 – Wishbone
10 – Reading Rainbow

Release Text:
2Minute Minor “Back In Our Day” is a collection of kids television show theme song covers from the 80’s and 90’s.

All proceeds raised will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

We were honored to have the following kids perform the gang vocals for this fun project;

Ian Garza
Aidan Sullivan
Ari Sullivan
Noah Nelson
Esther Nelson
Nora Smith
Judah Smith
Skye Kennedy
Emerald Kennedy
Jas Kennedy
Alden Twist
Owen Sylvester
Natalie Sylvester
Connor Rigione
Jami Burger
Karlo Karacic
Adrian Karacic
Milania Karacic
Maria Camargo
Lucy Camargo
Isaac Camargo
Ezra Cox
Audrey Cox
Rowan Cox

Molly and Chy Mess of Some Kind of Nightmare perform guest vocals on Veggie Tales.
Recorded by Aaron Cline – ICB

Stephen DeFalco of Friskie Morris & Friends performs guest vocals on Veggie Tales and Toxic Crusaders.

All barks by Nana Willis

Vocals: Wiley Willis
Guitars: Bob Shields
Bass: Marko Karacic
Drums: Zach Bridier

Mixing, Mastering, and Programming by Zach Bridier

All songs recorded Lockdown Style in our homes, on our computers, or on our phones.
Recorded October & November 2020.
Mixed and Mastered December 2020.

Album artwork by Mick Lambrou.
Layout and design by Jeff Hultgren

All songs used by Permission.

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