2Minute Minor
…A Goon’s Best Friend (Reissue)

Release Date

Coffee & Hardcore Records

01 – Change My Life (feat. Dave Emo)
02 – Follow Your Own Path
03 – Prime
04 – Unwritten War
05 – Stand Firm
06 – We’ve Had Enough
07 – We Will Prosper
08 – Goon Crew
09 – One Step At A Time
10 – What’s The Use?
11 – It’s A Disease

Release Text:
This was the original intent of our first record, …A Goon’s Best Friend. From being a 4 piece with only one guitarist to Dave Emmerson’s guest vocal on Change My Life, this is what this record has always sounded like to us. We began writing these songs a year before we finally recorded them. The reissued digital version of …A Goon’s Best Friend will include It’s a Disease, What’s the Use?, and One Step at a Time. All 3 of which were written and recorded at this time, but held off until our second record due to the total run length constraints of a 7 inch. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Marko had to leave the band. Virgil and Noam joined 2Minute Minor after the tracks were already recorded and mixed. They then learned their parts and rerecorded those tracks.
Seeing how there was talk among us that this record could very well be our only release ever, we were surprised at how well it was received, selling out quickly. We really felt that we had to do this repress, not just as a repress, but to release it as it’s true original version to honor it’s 5 year anniversary. New artwork complimenting the original artwork only seemed fitting as well. We are quite proud of it and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Plus, its high time Dave Emmerson gets his long awaited 2Minute Minor debut.

Wiley Willis: Shouts
Bob Shields: Guitars
Marko Karacic: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drums

Additional Gang Vocals:
Jesse Hawley, Darren Davick, Sid Duffour, Jason Giles, Michael Perlmütter

Guest vocals on “Change My Life” by Dave Emmerson of The Old-Timers
Backup vocals on “Unwritten War” & “We’ve Had Enough” by Jesse Hawley of The Satire
Backup vocals on “It’s A Disease” by Jason Giles of Anti-World System

Front cover art by Mick Lambrou
Back cover photo by Laiza Goytia
Design & layout by Jeff Hultgren of A Way Of Life Design

Recorded in January 2017 at Potomac Studios in Chicago, IL
All gang vocals recorded by Zach Bridier at Belly Acres in Chicago, IL
Recorded & mixed by Zach Bridier
Tracks 2-8 mastered by Sef Idle of Simpul Studio
Tracks 1, 9-11 mastered by Zach Bridier

Special thanks to Bryan Gray for letting us use his studio and gear.

All songs written and performed by 2Minute Minor

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