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Steadfast Records

01 – Conflict
02 – Rest
03 – Sickness
04 – Increased
05 – Deep
06 – Flight
07 – Security
08 – Exchange
09 – Sorrow
10 – Need
11 – Captive
12 – Deep
13 – Nobin
14 – Repressed
15 – Monroe – Eyes Wide Open
16 – Monroe – How Many Times

Release Text:
14 recordings documenting the earliest days of the band and their first two vocalists Eric Reeder and Shawn Jonas. Collecting tracks from the Sustained cassette demo, their first two split 7”’s, an alternate compilation recording of Exchange and six previously unreleased tracks. The source audio has been masterfully restored and given new life by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio.

Conflict, Rest, Sickness, Increased, Deep (1995), Flight, Security, Sorrow, Need, Captive, Deep (1996), Nobin
Eric Reeder: Vocals
Roy Goudy: Guitar
Mic Cox: Bass
Jesse Smith: Drums

Exchange, Repressed
Shawn Jonas: Vocals
Roy Goudy: Guitar
Mic Cox: Bass
Jesse Smith: Drums

Mic Cox: Bass, Vocals
Jesse Smith: Guitar, Vocals
Shawn Jonas: Screams
Roy Goudy: Drums

Recorded at Steve Riley Studios, Huntington, West Virginia
Digital Transfer by Zach Bridier and Edgar Campos at Medieval Times Production Studios
Mastered by Adam Boose for Cauliflower Audio
Lacquer Masters cut Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service

Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger
Design by Matthew Taxler

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