The Prettybads /
What’s Your Damage?

Release Date
Catalog #

ZAP Records

01 – The Prettybads – Fifteen Years Later
02 – The Prettybads – Jessica
03 – The Prettybads – Senorita Loca
04 – The Prettybads – Burner Phone
05 – What’s Your Damage? – Useless Generation
06 – What’s Your Damage? – Social Lies
07 – What’s Your Damage? – Dividing Lines
08 – What’s Your Damage? – Body Count
09 – What’s Your Damage? – Consumer Culture

The Prettybads
Jordan Prettybad drums /bass
Kayla Prettybad vocals /guitar

Featured Nathan Allen / bass
& MIKE wingard/ sax on “Burner Phone”

Under produced by Jordan Prettybad at Prettybad studios Houston,Tx

Mixed by jordan prettybad

Mastered by Zach

Art by Jordan Prettybad


What’s Your Damage?
Quinn Anderson: Vocals
Wiley Willis: Drums
Sean Kelly: Bass
Bob Shields: Guitars

All songs written by: What’s Your Damage?
All music recorded by: Jeff Hostetler at Red Obsidian studio in Kalamazoo MI.
All vocals recorded by: Zach Bridier at Belly Acres in Chicago IL

Synth, Mix, and Mastered: Zach Bridier in Chicago IL.

Art Layout and Design: Jordan Prettybad.

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