2Minute Minor

Release Date
Catalog #

ZAP Records

01 – Hard Times
02 – Old Tyme Hardcore
03 – True Till Death
04 – Knowledge
05 – Remember You’re A Womble
06 – Old Man Hardcore (Parody)

Release Text:
We are giving this away FREE or for donation which will go to support our favorite Chicago Venue; Liars Club and their employees.

To purchase physical copies, visit our Big Cartel store.

Hard Times written by Cro-Mags
Old Tyme Hardcore written by Slapshot
True Till Death written by Chain Of Strength
Knowledge written by Operation Ivy
Remember You’re A Womble written by Mike Batt

Illustration by Eugen Poe at Dead Inside Graphics
Mixing, Mastering and art design by Zach Bridier

Wiley Willis: Vocals
Bob Shields: Guitars
Marko Karacic: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drum Samples

Additional vocals on Womble by Libby Sullivan

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