2Minute Minor
Lockdown EP

Release Date
Catalog #

ZAP Records

01 – Endless Stupidity
02 – Mi Familia
03 – Deep Grief
04 – Lockdown Outro

Release Text:
The new 2Minute Minor LOCKDOWN EP was recorded separately in our homes on our cellphones.
We are giving this away FREE or for donation which will go to support our favorite Chicago Venue; Liars Club and their employees.

All songs by 2Minute Minor
Music to “Endless Stupidity” and “Mi Familia” by Marko Karacic
Music to “Deep Grief” and “Lockdown Outro” by Bob Shields
Lyrics by Wiley Willis
“Deep Grief” Lyrics by Wiley Willis and Eric Clayton
Cartoon by Alduane Maño
Mixing, Mastering, and Art Design by Zach Bridier

All instruments and vocals recorded with cellphones
Drum samples by Zach Bridier

Wiley Willis: Vocals
Bob Shields: Guitar
Marko Karacic: Guitar
Sean Kelly: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drum Samples

Additional gang vocals on “Mi Familia”
Mike Perlmutter & Dave Emmerson

Recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown March 2020

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