Luther’s Hammer
Strength to Stand

Release Date


01 – Luther’s Intro
02 – Yahweh Saves
03 – Strength to Stand
04 – Trust in the Lord
05 – Repent & Believe

Produced by Paul Van Tiem

Music written by Aaron Garcia & Paul Van Tiem

Additional music on Repent & Believe written by Glenn Hartzog

Lyrics written by Paul Van Tiem

Additional lyrics on Trust in the Lord written by Jason “Kos” Giles

Vocals recorded & engineered by Paul Van Tiem in Louisville, KY

Guitars and Bass recorded & engineered by Aaron Garcia in Escondido, CA

Drums recorded at Gretsch Studio, Elmhurst, IL

Drums engineered by Matt & Nick Zoppa

Guest Vocals on Trust in the Lord performed by Jason “Kos” Giles & Jesse Hawley

Gang Vocals performed by:

Darren Davick
Jesse Hawley
Mike Perlmutter
Jason “Kos” Giles

Mixed by Zach Bridier @ Captive Portal Studio, Des Plaines, IL

Mastered by Joshua Gablin

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