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Choke On The Blood (Single)

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ZAP Records

01 – Choke On The Blood (Feat. Eddie Leeway)

Release Text:
This song is a commentary on life and how backwards it’s become. How we rely on politics, status symbols, and man made religion to find our identity and how fast you can get caught up in it all. It’s really just buzzing sounds of the flickering neon lights of life and the glamorous versions of thoughts and the disconnect of reality. Hopefully we will go back to the true fundamentals of life that make us who we are as human animals. Urging people to focus on Relationships, Personal connect with your God, Love interests, Hobbies, Family, and creativity and leave all the flickering lights in the dust where they truly belong. Hopefully one day we will be successful in this venture together and in many many years to come archaeologist will dig, find, and brush off the once forgotten flickering lights of yesteryear and be reminded that the flashy dreams of an unreached reality were useless and now unwelcome in modern day society. One can dream.

Recorded by Jeff Hostetler at Red Obsidian Studio, Kalamazoo MI.
Mixed by Zach Bridier at Captive Portal Studio, Chicago IL.
Mastered by Josh Gablin at Schnauz Studio, Glen Ellyn IL.

Wiley – vocals
Bob – guitar
Jeff – lead guitar
Brad – drums
Adam – bass

Big thanks to Eddie Leeway for being such a nice, honest and down to earth guy!

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