Various Artists
Mount Seldom Forever

Release Date


01 – Queen of Wands – A View From Mt. Hood
02 – Vallow – Backdrops
03 – EHW – The Big Aux Cord in the Sky
04 – Maze Fancier – Raincoat Goat
05 – Goodwill, Good Will – Exhaust
06 – AKA Carpenter – Mount Seldom Forever
07 – The Pointless Atlantic – Complex Lover
08 – Kylo Ren – Totality
09 – Rory Strong – The Past is the Past
10 – Liz Saad – Passing By
11 – Ida Fox – Demons are Your Friends
12 – Worms in Dirt – Tape Karma
13 – Ravetank – Rest in Power Punky Boy
14 – Tap Theory – 50 Shades of Black and White
15 – Hey Latasha – Estación el Sol
16 – Gente Sola el en Cine – Keybored
17 – Heather Rhodes – Green
18 – Weatherfield – Vilnius (The Athens of the North)
19 – Lewis Shelley – For Mikhail
20 – Face for Radio – Road to Eugene
21 – Palavas – How
22 – La Venganza de Huitzilopochtli – Pieza para Mikhail
23 – Otto Schatz – Fallen but Never Forgotten

Release Text:
We lost a beautiful soul on July 11th, 2019.

Mikhail Julian N Kijauskas was the person behind the DIY record label Mount Seldom Records ( in which he dedicated his time, money, and passion to making sure smaller independent musicians got the support they deserve. More than that, he is a friend to many of us, who was always more than willing to lend an ear and sympathize with the problems we face in life.

Over the past couple of years, he built an amazing community of people who supported each other’s creative endeavours through thick and thin. With that, we thought it would only be fitting if we honored his achievements in the form of a memorial compilation.

There’s this wonderful verse on Worms in Dirt’s track, Tape Karma, that I think a lot of people in our community will resonate with regardless of how well they knew him:

“I wish you knew just how much power
you held in your belief.

The gift you gave to all of us,
it will carry on,
in one way or another
it will move along”

This album is a testament to Mikhail’s impact on the music community.

Mik, your undying love for music brought people together to make something amazing, and it will continue on in your spirit now you accessed to some great beyond, where the clouds ring around the mountain.

Rest in power ❤

Compiled by Jess Kim & Polly Aver
Mastered by Zach Bridier at Captive Portal Studio, Des Plaines, IL
Artwork by Ariana Joan Ziur

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