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FleaHab Sober Living Environment Benefit Compilation

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Thumper Punk Records

01 – Drifting Sand – Santa Cruz’n
02 – Los Twangers – Vista Cruiser 69
03 – Frankie and the Pool Boys – Little Woman, Big Dog
04 – GnarlyMen – Cataveña
05 – The Madeira – Farthest Shore
06 – The AmpFibians – Adios, Tuco
07 – A-Frame – Locked In
08 – Cross-Check – Maui Sunrise
09 – The Mystery Men? – The Devil You Know
10 – Moscow Beatballs – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
11 – Los Grainders – Vandal
12 – The Space Age Travellers – Costa California
13 – Los Oxidados – Blue Bird
14 – The Wrecks House – Sleeper Cell
15 – The Tomorrowmen – Phistful of Photons
16 – Dystopian Futures – Tsunami Deathray

Release Text:
All profits from this release go to Santa Cruz based FleaHab ( Founded by legendary big wave surfer Darryl “Flea” Virostko, the mission of FleaHab is to provide a sober living environment in Santa Cruz focused on physical activity, in effect replacing the high of drugs with the endorphins of exercise. Combined with a nutritional menu and access to sports, yoga and other holistic support systems such as AA, FleaHab offers a new approach to sober living – and new hope for those afflicted by drugs and alcohol. Darryl is incorporating what he has learned to work for his sobriety into a concept to help others, and we want to help. FleaHab is a registered 501C3 non-profit organization. Find out more here:

Since 2014, FleaHab has helped many men reclaim their lives from drug and alcohol addiction. FleaHab is now begun the fundraising effort for a sober living house for women in Santa Cruz. This benefit compilation reflects the surfing community’s desire to support our friends, neighbors and family members struggling with addiction.

Cover photo graciously provided by Julie Fain ( Used by permission. Layout and post production editing by Sef Idle at Simpul Studio (

Track 8: Mixed by Zach Bridier at Captive Portal Studio

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