2Minute Minor
Snake That Ate Its Own Tail

Release Date
Catalog #

ZAP Records

01 – Keep Your Guard
02 – Fallen Empire
03 – Bottom Feeder
04 – Conflict Machine
05 – Resistance ’87
06 – Corruption Runs Deep
07 – sXe For Me
08 – Gentrified Ghetto
09 – Wesley Willis (Featuring Omar Of Negro Terror)
10 – Stop Spending ZAP Records Money
11 – Snake That Ate Its Own Tail

Release Text:
This album is dedicated to Omar “Bulldog” Higgins Of Negro Terror.
Omar was a huge part of the Hardcore scene, his loss will be felt greatly. God bless you brother and Rest In Power.

Welcome to 2Minute Minor’s 3rd release. This EP is interesting because in a way you almost have to think of it as 2 separate EP’s. We went through a revamp of the band during the writing and recording of this EP.
Songs 1-5 were recorded with the old lineup in July of 2018 and Songs 6-11 were recorded in March of 2019 with the new lineup having Wiley Willis on Vocals and Bob Shields on Guitar being the consistency throughout this whole EP. We decided to name the Album “Snake That Ate Its Own Tail” because it’s a symbol of the eternal unity of all things, the cycle of birth and death-The Infinite circle that continues, a Rebirth if you will. We feel that 2Minute Minor has been reborn and find this album title quite ironic; appropriate and suitable for our reincarnation of this circle of 2Minute Minor.
Stay Positive.
-2Minute Minor

Songs 1-5:
Sax on “Resistance 87” by: Scott Key Of Dystopian Futures.
Keys: Justin Schoenfelder & Dave LeBlanc.
Lyrics to “Resistance 87” by: Mike Perlmutter. Inspired by the original NYC SHARP movement.
Gang Vocals on Tracks 1-5:
Justin Schoenfelder.
All songs Written by 2Minute Minor.
2Minute Minor on Tracks 1-5:
Wiley Willis: Vocals.
Bob Shields: Guitar.
Virgil Lloyd: Guitar.
Mike Perlmutter: Guitar.
Noam Ostrander: Bass.
Zach Bridier: Drums.

Tracks 6-11:
Added Gang Vocals On Tracks 6-11:
Tom Brothers Jr.
All songs written by 2Minute Minor on Tracks 6-11 except “Wesley Willis” is by: Wesley Willis.
Keys on intro of “Wesley Willis” by Zach Bridier.
Guest vocals on “Wesley Willis” by: Omar “Bulldog” Higgins Of Negro Terror
Track 10: Dave Emmerson of Zap Records.
2Minute Minor on Tracks 6-11:
Wiley Willis: Vocals.
Bob Shields: Guitar.
Jeff Hostetler: Guitar.
Sean Kelly: Bass.
Brad Swanson: Drums.

All songs Record by: Jeff Hostetler at Red Obsidian Studio in Kalamazoo MI.
Mixed by: Jeff Hostetler in Kalamazoo MI and Zach Bridier in Chicago IL.
Mastered by: Sef Idle at Simpul Studio, Boise ID.
Front & Back cover art by: Jonas Goonface.
Layout and design by: Jeff Hultgren at A Way Of Life Design.
Songs 1-5 recorded July 2018.
Songs 6-11 recorded March 2019.

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