“w​/​d r​/​w” by krāllār

w​/​d r​/​w
Release Date: July 14, 2018
Label: Mahorka
Catalog #: mhrk200


01 – withdrawal (huron’s multilayered tunnel saucer rework)
02 – withdrawal (tomoroh hidari re:drawal)
03 – withdrawal (hypnos remix)
04 – withdrawal (thomas park remix)
05 – withdrawal (bedouindrone’s negev version)
06 – withdrawal (jimmy watt remix)
07 – withdrawal (vlnc drks rmx)
08 – withdrawal (cough version by willy stamati)
09 – withdrawal (awser derf’s recall)
10 – withdrawal (autonomaton’s anchoresis rebuild)
11 – withdrawal (philippe neau remix)
12 – withdrawal (captive portal remix)
13 – withdrawal (toni dimitrov remix)
14 – withdrawal (abraxas unbenannt version)
15 – withdrawal (slow version by willy stamati)
16 – withdrawal (bedouindrone’s maghreb version)
17 – withdrawal (sai’s process of removing it or ending it)
18 – withdrawal (a krāllār interpretation by jan-m. iversen)
19 – withdrawal (abraxas vs. mr. robot ‘fuck society’ version)
20 – withdrawal (sevensy remix)
21 – withdrawal (metek rework)
22 – withdrawal (mrs watanabe dope remix)
23 – withdrawal (mrs watanabe drone remix)
24 – withdrawal (dayin rework)
25 – withdrawal (huron’s bunchy try to dance and roll version)

Release Text:
“Original sounds and music by Ivan Shentov. The original version of “withdrawal” is from krāllār’s full length “w/d“, co-released by Mahorka and Kontingent Records as free digital download and limited edition cassette tape, in 2017.” – Mahorka

Cover artwork rework by Angel Draganov, based on original artwork by Angel Draganov, based on original photo by Ivan Shentov.

Final mastering touches by Zach Bridier.

Executive producer and curated by Ivo Petrov.

This is mhrk200, released July 14, 2018 for Netlabel Day.

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