2Minute Minor
…A Goon’s Best Friend

Release Date
Catalog #

ZAP Records

01 – Change My Life
02 – Follow Your Own Path
03 – Prime!
04 – Unwritten War
05 – Stand Firm
06 – We Had Enough
07 – We Will Prosper
08 – Goon Grew

Release Text:
“We’re not preaching Straight Edge, Healthy Living, PMA or Spirituality at you. Not everyone in the band takes the same stance on everything. We embrace those differences. This is not a album with an agenda. These are simply stories and methods that we’ve found that personally work for us. Please seek to better yourself on your own personal path. This album is simply about Our passions. Make your own. We do this because it’s all we know. So many things separate us in life…. Religion, Politics, Sex, Money, Education, Race, Social Status, Social Media and Age. Let’s rise above all of it. Unity.” – 2Minute Minor

Additional Gang Vocals:
Jesse Hawley, Darren Davick, Sid Duffour, Jason Giles, Michael Perlmütter, Marko Karacic

Front cover art: Jonas Goonface
Front cover photo: Thomas Wray
Back cover photo: Laiza Goytia
Live photo: KB Imaging

Recorded in January-April 2017
@ Potomac Studios in Chicago, IL
Recorded & Mixed: Zach Bridier
Mastered: Sef Idle of Simpul Studio

Special thanks to Bryan Gray for letting us use his studio and gear & Jesse Hawley for backup vocals on Unwritten War.

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