Here Lies

Release Date

Border Series

01 – Last Kiss
02 – Mind Laps
03 – Into View (feat Kate Dilemma)
04 – Sink Hole
05 – Wide Open
06 – Rest Easy (feat Wrecked Train)
07 – Fear Less
08 – Worm Food
09 – Moon Land
10 – Dead Aero

Release Text:
“There’s a saying that goes “don’t die with the music still inside you”, which after being horrified at some of the dubious music choices at recent family funerals he’d attended, UK producer Half decided to act upon.

In response to this he has created the soundtrack to his own send off for when the inevitable happens. Far from being a morbid affair, absorbing influences from the likes of Brian Eno, Sigur Ros and M83 at their most uplifting ‘Here Lies’ is a soul-soothing celebration.

Although the album features a host of collaborators and co-writers, ‘Here Lies’ was recorded in isolation swapping packets of data all over the globe and never actually met any of his co-conspirators in the recording process, instead swapping series of ideas, emails and dropboxes then mixing the results to create a cinematic requiem of sinister storms across layers of tranquillity.

Half has no plans to shuffle off this mortal coil as yet, but with this debut full length release he can go safe in the knowledge the playlist at his wake will have his seal of approval. ” – Border Series

Track 01: Gray, Schneider
Track 02: Gray, Small
Track 03: Gray, Dilemma
Track 04: Gray, Jefferson
Track 05: Gray, Peppers
Track 06: Gray, De Rosa
Track 07: Gray, Metz, Yassin
Track 08: Gray, Jefferson
Track 09: Gray, Peppers
Track 10: Gray, Jefferson

Additional production “Sink Hole”: Eugene Frankevich

Cover Art: Devon Williams

Track 01: Barstool Astronaut, Mustafa Yassin, Premier Audio
Track 02: Chris Small, Mustafa Yassin, Zach Bridier
Track 03: Kate Dilemma, Jesse Miller, Matt Le Fevers, Paul Atkins, Sexy Sax Chris
Track 04: Mark Jefferson, Joël Bats Jr
Track 05: Brian Peppers, Joël Bats Jr
Track 06: Mark De Rosa, Laserlife, Zach Bridier
Track 07: Mustafa Yassin, Valeri707
Track 08: Mark Jefferson, Ben Ricketts
Track 09: Brian Peppers, Premier Audio
Track 10: Mark Jefferson, Joël Bats Jr

“Into View” contains samples of ‘Pieces in View’ & ‘Sirens’ by Kate Dilemma

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