#9: “Laughing Turkeys” by Captive Portal

Captive Portal
Laughing Turkeys
Release Date: December 7, 2015
Label: Kittenrock / Captive Portal Music
Catalog #: KR073 / 0009.CP004


01. Intro For A Nonexisting Video Game
02. Laughing Turkeys (Doom Doooooo)
03. =ike
04. Step, Step, Step
05. Some Sort Of Secret Level
06. Is It Minus 5?

“The second track had me cracking up with some crazy frog feelings and then there is a funky one and then a weird one and its xhrist mas as well. Also includes original tracker files.” – Kittenrock

All songs written by Zach Bridier from 2008-2015
Zach also did the artwork

“Laughing Turkeys” features the voices of Elizabeth Bridier & Kandace Faber from a Snapchat video.


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