Fire To The Stars
Kept You Safe (The Reworks)

Release Date
Catalog #


01 – Keep You Safe (Captive Portal Remix)
02 – Keep You Safe (Parchim Remix)
03 – Keep You Safe (nobodisoundz Keep Your Remix)
04 – Exhibitionist
05 – Lone Wolf (hNIL Remix)
06 – Keep You Safe (Wayab Remix)
07 – Keep You Safe (Distorted Remix by Willy Stamati)
08 – Keep You Safe (Pointed Remix by Willy Stamati)
09 – Keep You Safe (Tape Echo Remix by Willy Stamati)
10 – Keep You Safe (Original)
11 – Lone Wolf (Original)
12 – Keep You Safe (Josh Buche Remix)
13 – Captive Portal – This Minus Five (Fire To The Stars Rework)

Release Text:
“Mahorka is participating in the first Netlabel Day (2015) with a very special release from the band Fire to the Stars – an album of reworked and exclusive tracks featuring Captive Portal, Parchim, nobodisoundz, hNIL, Wayab, Willy Stamati and Josh Buche!” – Mahorka

Executive Producer: Ivo Petrov
Mastered by: Zach Bridier
Cover artwork: Angel Draganov

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