“Gnar Gnar” by The Gnar

The Gnar
Gnar Gnar

Release Date

October 25, 2014

01 – Tina
02 – Headless
03 – Feb.
04 – I Play Guitar In A Surf Rock Band
05 – Come Over

Benny the Tank: Bass // Vocals
All Thumbs: Vocals // Synths
BryaÑ: Drums // Live Show Crowd Chit Chat

All songs written by the Gnar
All words by M. Kaleta

The Gnar is Ben & the Crystal
(marty kaleta, ryan ohm & ben kostecki)

Recorded in Greenville, IL and Nashville, TN w/ZACH BRIDIER 2013-2014
Mixed and produced by ZACH BRIDIER at Shell City Studios
Mastered by GREG OBIS
Photograph courtesy of AMANDA DRISCOLL
Special Thanks to: Medicine Ball Jordan

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