“Escape The Pain” by Broken Angel

Broken Angel
Escape The Pain
Release Date: September 25, 2013


01. What To Do?
02. Before I Break
03. Save Me
04. Scars Remain

Release Text:
“These songs were written out of lots of pain and suffering. I have tried to express how my faith, love, friends, and music have shaped my life and the other lives around us. This E.P. hits on the darker side of faith that no one talks about. I hope that through the lyrics and music on this E.P that people will come to realize that nothing is ever to much and that there is always a way out.” – Dalton Goodman

Zach Bridier- Tracking, Mixing
Ian Miller-Mastering
Greenville College- Recording studio
John Davis- Backup vocals on “Before I Break” and “Scars Remain”
Nick Bifano- Screaming vocals on “Before I Break” and “Save Me”
Katie Wallace- Album Art
Pete Snacks- Record Scratches

The Band:
Dalton Goodman- Vocals, Guitar
Derek Herbord- Lead Guitar
Donnie Cruse- Bass, Backup vocals
Ty Barth- Drums

Writing and producer:
Lyrics and music by Dalton Goodman
Produced by Zach Bridier and Broken Angel

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