The Advocates
We Do Origami

Release Date


01 – Youth
02 – Nothing At All
03 – This Guy
04 – I Don’t (Demo)
05 – One War, Two Casualties (Demo)
06 – Miss Understood (Demo)
07 – Youth (Studio Video)

Release Text:
“We Do Origami, the Advocates first studio EP, came together almost immediately after Trevor, Zach, and Austin first came together as a band. Mixed and Produced by Zach Bridier, We Do Origami features songs about such grandiose subjects as being young, an abusive relationship, and a girlfriend thief. The special edition of We Do Origami includes three more songs and a free download of the studio music video.”

Guitar & Vocals: Austin Fredrich
Bass Guitar: Trevor Sattler
Drums: Zach Bridier

Produced and Mixed by Zach Bridier
Mastered by Alan Robbs

Moral Support: Alex Green

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