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01 – Jessie’s Wisdom Tooth
02 – Try (feat. Kiah) [Lyrics]
03 – Not Locrian
04 – Mister Really Loves You
05 – This Minus Five

Release Text:
“‘Throwing’ is the debut EP from Zach Bridier’s new project Captive Portal. The project’s name originates from the daily interruption in Greenville College students’ lives. The original goal is to interrupt someone’s ordinary musical preferences and introduce something extraordinary.

In “Throwing” Bridier combines digital era electronic music with analog electronics, acoustic instruments, vocals, voices, short field recordings and collaborates with other musicians that have various styles. This release features Kiah Kelson, Ian Miller, Adam Bridier and others. Credits for each track are given on the back cover. Ian Miller also did the mastering.

The EP is mastered to tape to give us that warm lovely sounding.” – Mahorka

Jessie’s Wisdom Tooth:
Written by Zach Bridier
Rasta Samples: Ras Mokko

Written by Zach Bridier & Kiah Kelson
Contains a sample of “For Someone” by Kiah.
© 2012 all rights reserved.

Not Locrian:
Written by Zach Bridier

Mister Really Loves You:
Written by Zach Bridier, Kiah Kelson, Ian Miller
Acoustic Guitar: Kiah Kelson
Electric Guitar: Ian Miller
Theremin Solo: Adam Bridier
Vocal Samples: Caleb Dossett, Travis Osborne

This Minus Five:
Written by Zach Bridier
Electric Guitar: Sarah Stanbery
Vocal Samples: John Alden Davis, Lisa Burhana

Produced & Mixed by Zach Bridier
Mastered by Ian Miller
Photography: Taylor Likes & Lisa Burhanna
Design & Illustration: Taylor Likes
Mastered to tape.

Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0)

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