The Sweet Sweet Revenge
Fountain Of Youth In Asia

Release Date


01 – I Never Liked Your Hair
02 – Hipster Hallway
03 – Mikey
04 – Personal Thoughts…
05 – Size 10
06 – Buy A Shirt
07 – Pirates vs Ninjas
08 – 21 Years In The Making
09 – Take It Back
10 – My High School Troubles Last Tuesday Before Lunch
11 – The Methodist Way
12 – Mikey Remix

The Sweet Sweet Revenge are:
John Alden Davis: Vocals, Bass
Zach Stanbery: Guitar
Sarah Stanbery: Guitar
Wes O’Dell: Bass
Zach Bridier: Drums, Vocals, Synths

The Sweet Sweet Gang are:
John Alden Davis, Zach Stanbery, Sarah Stanbery, Wes O’Dell, Matthew Harper, Kyle P. McFarland, Tyler Allison, Caleb “Hoss” Dossett, Elizabeth Short, Brian Gertler, Evan Woodard, Caleb, Wolz, Brandon Townsend, Cameron Barrett, Colin Ahlvers, Amanda Herr, & Kiah Kelsen

Produced by: Rob Shollenberger & The Sweet Sweet Revenge
Mixed & Mastered by: Rob Shollenberger

Artwork by: Zach Bridier
Live photos taken by: Carrie Sleme, Britney Baker, Lisa Burhanna, Elizabeth Short, Crystal Belwood, Britney Benson, Mike Porter, Kiah Kelsen, & Kevin Dunne

“Buy a Shirt” is performed by Kiah Kelsen

All songs written by The Sweet Sweet Revenge

© 2012 The Sweet Sweet Revenge. All Rights Reserved.

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