Coffee & Hardcore
Season 2 Episode 7: Coffee & Hardcore Presents
“Tuning In 8-bit”

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Show Notes:
It’s Episode 7 of season 2 and this one has that sweet smell of 8-bit nostalgia all over it. Wiley chats about some great coffee he has been enjoying from Ruby Coffee while Mic reminisces about his wonderful coffee experience in an unexpected place in Tennessee – GSM Outfitters. Then Zach from October Bird Of Death2Minute Minor and Captive Portal stops by to chat about life moving forward and the brand new 8 Bit release (WHAT?!?!) from 2Minute Minor. Mic talks to Jeremy and Matt from the band Tuning about their brand new album “A Beacon In Impossible Seas”. Wiley jumps back with Mic and they share their thoughts on “A Beacon in Impossible Seas”. It’s all right here on the Coffee & Hardcore Podcast!

Wiley’s Pic
Ruby Colorful Coffee
   – Tomorrow Coffee Blend
   – Creamery Coffee Blend
Mic’s Pic
GSM Outfitters & Coffee Cafe
  – Vanilla Lavender Latte

Zach Birdier
Captive Portal
2Minute Minor
October Bird Of Death

A Beacon In Impossible Seas Vinyl

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Coffee & Hardcore Suicide Prevention Coffee

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