Words by Zach Bridier
From the release This Is EP #1

Verse 1:
Watching, watching
Everybody’s watching
For that man to pass out on the ground
What is your agenda?
Forget, forget all of what’s to come
I can’t remember all the things
I was suppose to collect
For the hunt today

All I need is a reminder
Just a push of a button and we’ll be ok
The signal is lost, get on higher ground
I need some points before the hours fade away

Verse 2:
Looking, looking
All of us are looking
For the checkpoint that will falsely change our lives
What is our agenda?
Running, running to the checkpoint
One step further to our final goal
I must outsmart everyone
Or none of this will be worth it


Almost to the end
Was it really worth it?
Almost to the end
What will be the prize?


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