Words by Tim Eymann
From the release DIY Together

We’re oh so edgy
We’re oh so punk
We sing about things that you wouldn’t’ve thunk
We’re flipping birds
We’re spiking hair
We’re raising consciousness and making you aware

Get to the show
We’re in the know
We’re Gerrymander and the Filibusters!

That’s right, we’re here to make you see
See the light!

The latest crisis
The hippest cause
We’ve got our finger on the pulse of America
We pass out pamphlets
We protest protests
We’re coming to a city near you!


Lemme break it down for you now

Johann Sebastian, if you’re aim and goal
Is the glory of God and the refreshing of the soul
Your music is worthless, you gotta cause a rift
Ask Zach de la Rocha, man, “anger is a gift”
So come on, admit it, you wanna get pitted
So gimme five dollars and listen to me rant
No one is leaving, we will not quit
Until it’s safe to say we’re now a little more
Miserable than we came!

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