Words by Ben Barber
From the release Catching

Laughin’, clappin’, rappin’ at a speed where adaptin’
To the lacking of oxygen that is back in the stacked in
Lungs that are crackin’ when it’s time to start reacting to captains
Yelling out “What has happened?” this madness is just a fraction
Let’s just say this boat is sinking, while I’m sitting here blinking, thinking
I haven’t the slightest inkling as I’m freezin’ like I’m rinkin’
These times I wanna give up
But it’s gonna get rough, but I gotta get up
And I gotta get rid of the negativity that I got lit up

Cause this my time, everybody else better get in line
Cause I don’t wanna stand up here and just shine
I just want a chance to just rhyme
Rock the crowd, but I got the proud coming at me
But you know I gotta black the cloud
Knock it down… shock it loud
Er than the truth that I am tryna bring
I am just a rapper so you know that I ain’t tryna sing
I wanna be a humble being so I don’t end up tumbling
Down to the bottom from my stumblings
We all make mistakes, I’m fumbling

It’s all a part of the process
I’m just as lost as the next guy seeking solace
Or maybe a friend, you’ll never hear them say
“You never get to be 80 again”
And if you rate me a 10 I’ll probably think you hate me again
Cause I fear that the fake be in and you’ll just break me again
But I’m havin’ another nightmare can you shake me again?
I shouldn’t go back to sleep and get the lights you have to clap to see

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