Welcome to Captive Portal Music!


Welcome to Captive Portal Music, the home of Zach Bridier’s musical madness. I’ve been releasing various styles of electronic music officially since 2013, which all can be downloaded for free.

Here’s a list of my current projects:

Captive Portal – main project

much, – vocoded indietronica

Sebon – dance music

Sitting & Laying – traveling ambient and field recordings

Here’s a list of the current bands I’m in:

October Bird of Death – punk rock & roll

2Minute Minor – old school hardcore

Latest Release:

Coming Soon:

Captive Portal
Having A VHS For A Leg
Release Date: April 7, 2017
Label: MahorkaZAP Records
Captive Portal: Calm & Peaceful Morning EP (Kahvi Collective)
Split EP with Sascha Müller (TBA)
Split EP with Dr. NoiseM (TBA)
*Untitled Punk EP* (ZAP Records)
Sebon: *Untitled EP/Album* (TBA)

NEW BAND RELEASE: 2Minute Minor // …A Goon’s Best Friend EP


Release Date: June 12, 2017

Label: ZAP Records

Catalog #: ZAP-025



01. Change My Life
02. Follow Your Own Path
03. Prime!
04. Unwritten War
05. Stand Firm
06. We Had Enough
07. We Will Prosper
08. Goon Grew

Additional Gang Vocals:
Jesse Hawley, Darren Davick, Sid Duffour, Jason Giles, Michael Perlmütter, Marko Karacic


Front cover art: Jonas Goonface
Front cover photo: Thomas Wray
Back cover photo: Laiza Goytia
Live photo: KB Imaging


Recorded in January-April 2017
@ Potomac Studios in Chicago, IL
Recorded & Mixed: Zach Bridier
Mastered: Sef Idle of Simpul Studio


Special thanks to Bryan Gray for letting us use his studio and gear & Jesse Hawley for backup vocals on Unwritten War.

NEW RELEASE: Captive Portal // Having A VHS For A Leg


Release Date: April 7, 2017

Label: Mahorka / ZAP Records / CPM

Catalog #: mhrk184 / ZAP-023 / 0018.CP013


*Coming Soon*

01. Now I Hear Little Dreams…
02. Tiny Breath Of Music Life (feat. Mary L’abbate)
03. Bread Crumb Trees
04. When We Were Once
05. Hue Should Consider Checking Back
06. Two Days Yesterday
07. Pens With Spoons Taped To Them
08. Forest Thoughts
09. Equestrian Encryption
10. Shaking Hands With A Polar Bear
11. Monotron Craziness
12. Pushing A Cart Or Wearing A Jacket
13. Choir Librarian
14. Wishing For Wishing
15. Have You Ever Been In Here?
16. What’s More, Once More (feat. Ally Lynn)


Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by: Zach Bridier

All sounds are original. No software synths and no audio from third parties were used in this recording.


VHS Photoshoot (2015-10-14)
Photographer: Nicole Carey
VHS Man: Jess Heckenberg
Dog: Kipling (RIP)


Artwork: Angel Draganov
Text: Zach Bridier (except track 2 lyrics: Mary L’abbate)


Individual Track Info & Credits:
01: Music: Zach Bridier
Vocals: Mary L’abbate
02: Words: Mary L’abbate
Music: Zach Bridier
Vocals: Mary L’abbate
Vocals recorded @ Gablin Stewdio
03: Words & Music: Zach Bridier
04: Music: Zach Bridier
Vocals: Elizabeth Bridier
05: Music: Zach Bridier
Recorded @ Gablin Stewdio
06: Music: Zach Bridier
This track features clips from The Sweet Sweet Revenge’s final show.
07: Music: Zach Bridier
Tracked on Sunvox at various locations
All sounds recorded on my Tascam DR-07mkII.
08: Music: Zach Bridier
Drums tracked live in an unfinished basement.
Bass, vocoder, and lead synth was recorded at a forest preserve.
09: Music: Zach Bridier
All drums and percussion recorded at a horse farm.
Song title made by the 2nd dungeon master.
10: Music: Zach Bridier
Bass: Ryan Haines
11: Music: Zach Bridier
Drum engineering: Bryan Gray
Drums tracked @ Potamic Studios
This track only contains a Korg Monotron and live drums.
12: Music: Zach Bridier
Guitar: Josh Buche
Recorded @ Gablin Stewdio
13: Music: Zach Bridier
Bass: Trevor Sattler
Featuring the Greenville College Jazz Band
14: Music: Zach Bridier
15: Pieced together by: Zach Bridier
SFX recorded by: Zach Bridier & Katherine Arnaud
16: Words: Ally Lynn, Zach Bridier
Music: Zach Bridier
Vocals (in order of appearance): Ally Lynn, Haley Durham, Miguel Escobar, Lloyd Nicks Jr.
Bass: Ben Kostecki
Drum engineering: Bryan Gray
Ally’s vocals were recorded at her place
Vocals & some percussion recorded @ Greenville College Studios
Drums tracked @ Potamic Studios