“ZAP​-​O​-​MATIC No​.​2” by Various Artists

Various Artists
ZAP​-​O​-​MATIC No​.​2
Release Date: July 14, 2018
Label: ZAP Records
Catalog #: ZAP​-​044


01. Rodent Emporium – Let’s Go Mental
02. 2Minute Minor – One Step At A Time (Live on WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM)*
03. Praiser – Blessed Be The Punk
04. The Festal Shout – If The Kids Are United (LIVE Sham69 Cover)*
05. Skree Alleen – Artefak
06. Dystopian Futures – False Dichotomy
07. Svarteskerm – Spotta Upp Det!
08. Sef Idle – At Arm’s Length (Hangnail Cover)* 03:22
09. UntilWeDie! – Open Wound
10. George Hugo – Broken Heart*
11. Parental Petulance – Throw Yourself Part 2 (feat. Eric Simmons)
12. Easter Teeth – Groove Is In The Heart (Deee-Lite Cover)*
13. Free For All – DIY or DIE!

* All tracks marked with an asterisk are previously unreleased.

The Festal Shout recorded live by Joel Swanson at Wilson Abbey, Chicago on 9th December 2016. Mastered by Sef Idle

Cover layout by George Hugo


“w​/​d r​/​w” by krāllār

w​/​d r​/​w
Release Date: July 14, 2018
Label: Mahorka
Catalog #: mhrk200


01. withdrawal (huron’s multilayered tunnel saucer rework)
02. withdrawal (tomoroh hidari re:drawal)
03. withdrawal (hypnos remix)
04. withdrawal (thomas park remix)
05. withdrawal (bedouindrone’s negev version)
06. withdrawal (jimmy watt remix)
07. withdrawal (vlnc drks rmx)
08. withdrawal (cough version by willy stamati)
09. withdrawal (awser derf’s recall)
10. withdrawal (autonomaton’s anchoresis rebuild)
11. withdrawal (philippe neau remix)
12. withdrawal (captive portal remix)
13. withdrawal (toni dimitrov remix)
14. withdrawal (abraxas unbenannt version)
15. withdrawal (slow version by willy stamati)
16. withdrawal (bedouindrone’s maghreb version)
17. withdrawal (sai’s process of removing it or ending it)
18. withdrawal (a krāllār interpretation by jan-m. iversen)
19. withdrawal (abraxas vs. mr. robot ‘fuck society’ version)
20. withdrawal (sevensy remix)
21. withdrawal (metek rework)
22. withdrawal (mrs watanabe dope remix)
23. withdrawal (mrs watanabe drone remix)
24. withdrawal (dayin rework)
25. withdrawal (huron’s bunchy try to dance and roll version)

Release Text:
“Original sounds and music by Ivan Shentov. The original version of “withdrawal” is from krāllār’s full length “w/d“, co-released by Mahorka and Kontingent Records as free digital download and limited edition cassette tape, in 2017.” – Mahorka

Cover artwork rework by Angel Draganov, based on original artwork by Angel Draganov, based on original photo by Ivan Shentov.

Final mastering touches by Zach Bridier.

Executive producer and curated by Ivo Petrov.

This is mhrk200, released July 14, 2018 for Netlabel Day.

“Friends Vol. 3” by ZAP Records

Various Artists
Friends Vol. 3
Release Date: July 14, 2017
Label: ZAP Records
Catalog #: ZAP-027


01. 2Minute Minor – Change My Life (feat. xDave Oldtimerx)
02. Skree Alleen – Eks Meisie
03. Sef Idle – More Than Conquerors (Dogwood Cover)
04. Ashtray Romance – Dead Man Bones
05. Ospreyshire – Emancipating Spark
06. Parental Petulance – Poops In My Butt
07. George Hugo – Keep Moving
08. Metode en Tegniek – Hy Maak So
09. October Bird of Death – Art Deco Skull Fracture
10. ISF – Reveal It
11. Captive Portal – 100841
12. Norelle K – The Gardener
13. To Live As Sons – Get The Horizon
14. Easter Teeth – Baby’s Got Cold Feet
15. Blast From Oblivion – Haunted Apparition

Release Text:
“In support of International NetLabel Day 2017 we offer you Friends Vol. 3, a free compilation of music we enjoy by people we love. With brand new exclusive tracks from 2 Minute Minor, Ashtray Romance, Captive Portal, ISF, George Hugo, Ospreyshire and Sef Idle as well as a host of other awesome tunage from our friends around the globe, this one is not to be missed!” – ZAP Records


“Music For Elevators Vol​.​5 (Part 1)” by Mahorka

Various Artists
Music For Elevators Vol​.​5 (Part 1)
Release Date: July 14, 2017
Label: Mahorka
Catalog #: mhrk187


01. Jan-M. Iversen – Deichmann plunder
02. Øystein Jørgensen – Elevation
03. Alberto Vallejos – Llorando en el ascensor
04. Autonomaton – Psychedelic dub test
05. Mono-Drone – Singing to myself
06. Mytrip & Ivan Shopov – Goads
07. nobodisoundz – lowLevator 4in6
08. Abu Ama & Abraxas – birdY
09. krāllār – Invocation
10. EMERGE – Venation
11. METEK – Confidence
12. Untermensch – Goliath’s Triumph
13. Protuberance – Protoss
14. Rise 1969 – Hyperposition
15. One Tru Odd – Change Complete
16. Captive Portal – Between The 4th & 5th Floor
17. Boubi’s Library – This Night Never Happened
18. Moki McFly – Zeta

Release Text:
“Fifteen years after the landmark Mahorka compilation “Music For Elevators vol.1” and, now, six years after the latest volume 4, for the occassion of Netlabel Day 2017, we proudly present “Music For Elevators vol.5 (part 1)”. Again, you are on board for a pushing all kinds of boundaries trip through what ambient music can be and what can be ambient music. And this time, as the title suggests, we will have more than one album. We blame this on the number of great and artists from around the spectrum collaborating with Mahorka and the number of years between the last installment and the moment vol.5 felt ripe and right to start materialising.” – Mahorka

Mastering: Zach Bridier
Cover artwork: Angel Draganov
Executive producer: Ivo Petrov

“Friends Vol. 2” by ZAP Records

Various Artists
Friends Vol. 2
Release Date: January 12, 2017
Label: ZAP Records
Catalog #: ZAP 023


01. The Hoax – Grimage
02. Skree Alleen – Hyenas
03. Praiser – Your Ego
04. The Festal Shout – Incredible
05. Ospreyshire – Incomplete Specter
06. Anti-World System – Starving The Sheep
07. The Straight Suits – Got To Get On Out Of Here
08. Blast From Oblivion – Bloodlust
09. George Hugo – Concrete Skylines
10. False Idle – First World Last Place (ZAP Remix)
11. To Live As Sons – The Sound
12. The Old-timers – This City (Extended Cut)
13. The Jim Achen Band – Venus At St. Annes
14. Captive Portal – Millions & Giants of People

Release Text:
“Here is another compilation of music by our friends, including exclusive tracks from False Idle, Willem Samuel, Captive Portal and George Hugo. Please support their creative endeavours, thanks.” – ZAP Records