“Music For Elevators Vol​.​5 (Part 1)” by Various Artists

Various Artists
Music For Elevators Vol​.​5 (Part 1)
Release Date: July 14, 2017
Label: Mahorka
Catalog #: mhrk187


01. Jan-M. Iversen – Deichmann plunder
02. Øystein Jørgensen – Elevation
03. Alberto Vallejos – Llorando en el ascensor
04. Autonomaton – Psychedelic dub test
05. Mono-Drone – Singing to myself
06. Mytrip & Ivan Shopov – Goads
07. nobodisoundz – lowLevator 4in6
08. Abu Ama & Abraxas – birdY
09. krāllār – Invocation
10. EMERGE – Venation
11. METEK – Confidence
12. Untermensch – Goliath’s Triumph
13. Protuberance – Protoss
14. Rise 1969 – Hyperposition
15. One Tru Odd – Change Complete
16. Captive Portal – Between The 4th & 5th Floor
17. Boubi’s Library – This Night Never Happened
18. Moki McFly – Zeta

Release Text:
“Fifteen years after the landmark Mahorka compilation “Music For Elevators vol.1” and, now, six years after the latest volume 4, for the occassion of Netlabel Day 2017, we proudly present “Music For Elevators vol.5 (part 1)”. Again, you are on board for a pushing all kinds of boundaries trip through what ambient music can be and what can be ambient music. And this time, as the title suggests, we will have more than one album. We blame this on the number of great and artists from around the spectrum collaborating with Mahorka and the number of years between the last installment and the moment vol.5 felt ripe and right to start materialising.” – Mahorka

Mastering: Zach Bridier
Cover artwork: Angel Draganov
Executive producer: Ivo Petrov