Release Date: December 21, 2015

Label: Bump Foot


“Here comes the first EP by Captive Portal from Chicago, Illinois. Quickly Closed Off is 4-track minimal/techno EP. From the song titles, you would come up with a story about a life and death of a band. Captive Portal has 4 free releases coming out every Monday in this month : Laughing Turkeys, Lecture Tomb, Quickly Closed Off and Bloke Sitting.” – Bump Foot


01. Band Documentary (The Introduction)

02. Stuck In A Van (The Tour)

03. Band Hiatus (The Reflection)

04. Reunion Rumours (feat. The Completely Sober Band)

The Completely Sober Band is a straight edge kid making really trippy dance music.


Tracks 2 & 4: All sounds are original. No software synths and no audio from third parties were used in this recording.


All music & artwork by: Zach Bridier