Welcome to Captive Portal Music, the home of Zach Bridier’s musical madness. I’ve been releasing various styles of electronic music officially since 2013, which all can be downloaded for free.

Here’s a list of my current projects:

Captive Portal – main project

much, – vocoded indietronica

Sebon – dance music

Sitting & Laying – traveling ambient and field recordings

Here’s a list of the current bands I’m in:

October Bird of Death – punk rock & roll

2Minute Minor – old school hardcore

Latest Release:

Coming Soon:

Captive Portal
100841 (Single)
Release Date: July 14, 2017
Label: ZAP Records
I Guess So: DIY Together (ZAP Records)
Captive Portal: Calm & Peaceful Morning EP (Kahvi Collective)
Sebon: Split EP with Sascha Müller (TBA)
This Communicaton: Split EP with Dr. NoiseM (TBA)
Sebon: *Untitled EP/Album* (TBA)