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NEW RELEASE: Captive Portal // Quickly Closed Off EP


Release Date: December 21, 2015

Label: Bump Foot


“Here comes the first EP by Captive Portal from Chicago, Illinois. Quickly Closed Off is 4-track minimal/techno EP. From the song titles, you would come up with a story about a life and death of a band. Captive Portal has 4 free releases coming out every Monday in this month : Laughing Turkeys, Lecture Tomb, Quickly Closed Off and Bloke Sitting.” – Bump Foot


01. Band Documentary (The Introduction)

02. Stuck In A Van (The Tour)

03. Band Hiatus (The Reflection)

04. Reunion Rumours (feat. The Completely Sober Band)

The Completely Sober Band is a straight edge kid making really trippy dance music.


Tracks 2 & 4: All sounds are original. No software synths and no audio from third parties were used in this recording.


All music & artwork by: Zach Bridier


NEW RELEASE: Captive Portal // Lecture Tomb


Release Date: December 14, 2015

Label: Mahorka


Every January, a group of philosophers met in a cave somewhere in Colorado. They got together for three days to think and philosophize about life and the universe around them. However, the 1887 meeting became a fateful one. The three day event became a week long discussion about life beyond this world. During this time, they disregarded the essentials of life, such as eating and sleeping. Therefore, all of whom were attending this event suffocated themselves to death in their own philosophy. This unnamed cave became their tomb.


01. Lecture Tomb

Lecture Tomb was composed on two separate occasions: September 30 & November 4, 2015.

All sounds are original. No software synths and no audio from third parties were used in this recording.


Music by: Zach Bridier

Artwork by: Angel Draganov


NEW RELEASE: Captive Portal // Laughing Turkeys EP


Release Date: December 7, 2015

Label: Kittenrock


“The second track had me cracking up with some crazy frog feelings and then there is a funky one and then a weird one and its xhrist mas as well. Also includes original tracker files.” – Kittenrock


01. Intro For A Nonexisting Video Game

02. Laughing Turkeys (Doom Doooooo)

03. =ike

04. Step, Step, Step

05. Some Sort Of Secret Level

06. Is It Minus 5?

All songs written by Zach Bridier from 2008-2015

Zach also did the artwork


“Laughing Turkeys” features the voices of Elizabeth Bridier & Kandace Faber from a Snapchat video


NEW RELEASE: much, – This Is EP# 1


much, – This Is EP#1

Release Date: August 24, 2015

Label: Happy Puppy Records

“We’re very pleased to release a new artist to the puppy pound – much,! (yes, that’s with a comma). much, is a side project by Zach Bridier. Instead of exploring in experimental IDM-ish electronic music in Captive Portal, Zach goes in singer/songwriter mode. We like to call it a “nice blend of electronica, hip hoppy samples, acoustic instruments and vocoders, etc.” That’s probably the best way to describe the music of much,.” – Happy Puppy Records



01. Watching A Nation Die

02. Scavange

03. Usless Confusion


All songs written, performed, and mixed by Zach Bridier between 2012-2015

Acoustic guitar engineered by Michael Jadrich



First Captive Portal Remix!!!


Happy first ever Netlabel Day everyone! For those that don’t know what Netlabel Day is, check it out HERE. The Mahorka netlabel, and I, are super excited to present to you the remix album for the Haze-pop band, Fire To The Stars. I was involved in the first and last tracks on the album; the first being my first ever Captive Portal remix and the other is Fire To The Stars themselves remixing my track This Minus Five, which is available on my first EP. I also mastered the album. The album is free to download! Check it out!

Fire To The Stars

Kept You Safe (The Reworks)

Release Date: July 14, 2015 (Netlabel Day)
Label: Mahorka
01. Keep You Safe (Captive Portal Remix)
02. Keep You Safe (Parchim Remix)
03. Keep You Safe (nobodisoundz Keep Your Remix)
04. Exhibitionist
05. Lone Wolf (hNIL Remix)
06. Keep You Safe (Wayab Remix)
07. Keep You Safe (Distorted Remix by Willy Stamati)
08. Keep You Safe (Pointed Remix by Willy Stamati)
09. Keep You Safe (Tape Echo Remix by Willy Stamati)
10. Keep You Safe (Original)
11. Lone Wolf (Original)
12. Keep You Safe (Josh Buche Remix)
13. Captive Portal – This Minus Five (Fire To The Stars Rework)
Executive Producer: Ivo Petrov
Mastered by: Zach Bridier
Cover artwork: Angel Draganov

Free Download

Second Sebon EP Out Now!


» EJ Shannon EP «


Release Date: March 27, 2015
Label: None


01. EJ Shannon
02. Likes Born Of Osiris


Produced & Mixed by: Zach Bridier


Vocies: Juan Guerrero, Michael Hoy, Micah Oates, Eli Martinez, Brad Johnson, Bobby Williams, Taylor Likes, Cody Ripperger, Dan Michie, John Alden Davis, Derek Persky, Josh Gablin, Tanner Reed, Michael Lawrence, Micah Giles, Wes O’Dell